Enabling Innovation
When your team works with Pharr, you will work with our teams, including experienced product development, operations and supply chain teams. We have invested in state-of-the-art bulked continuous filament carpet yarn extrusion, space dyeing, cabling and heat-setting assets. We will bring you our innovations, our service and our quality. This combination of people, assets and technology—that's how we enable innovation with your team.

Full range of bulked continuous filament carpet yarns, either self-extruded or sourced

  • Polyester, Polyamide Nylon 6, Polyamide Nylon 66
  • White dyeable: lusters (bright to full dull), Nylon affinities (light, regular, deep, cationic)
  • Solution dyed color ranges
  • Deniers from 900 to 2600 (990 to 2900 decitex), from 3 to 25 denier per filament

Diverse Yarn Processing

  • Assembly technologies include high speed cabling, air entangling and air twisting
  • Yarns can be either Power Heatset or Superba Heatset—straight or mild texture to full frieze
  • Full range space dyeing—from micro to long space, as singles or two ply